Marketing mentoring

Get your own marketing mentor

Cost effective second opinions and guidance from a seasoned marketing expert

Having a marketing mentor will help you in so many ways. An experienced mentor can act as a sounding board offering unbiased second opinions on anything to do with your marketing role.

Working with a marketing mentor has proven to be a highly cost-efficient method to help improve your marketing operation. You can work with your mentor on a regular basis or ad hoc. 

Markedu's vetted marketing mentors are all highly experienced marketers. They are experienced CMO's capable of offering strategic advice and tactical advice. Our mentors are all very keen on helping you solve specific problems and support you in any which way they can. 

Each have at least 10 years of hard-core marketing experience. They are familiar with most aspects of modern marketing and - most importantly - are business orientated people. 

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The role of a mentor

Your mentor can fill a number of roles depending on your specific requirement.  

1) Role model - they've been there, done that. 

2) Performance coach

3) Challenger

4) Thinking partner

5) Sounding board

6) Guide - see new ways

7) Accountability partner

Working with a Markedu mentor is cost-effective and might just turn out to be the best investment you've ever made. 

The smart choice for modern businesses

A marketing mentor can help you solve specific problems in your business and/or career.