Digital marketing training in Kampala

Digital marketing training in Uganda (Kampala)

If you are interested in learning how to succeed in marketing, Markedu can help you. In Uganda (predominantly in Kampala) we offer training in open classses.  Markedu's training is structured in 1, 2 or 3 day formats.  

Apart from the Digital Marketing Masterclass, Markedu provides different training programs that will help you and you organization grow. We offer training focused on teaching you website marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and mobile marketing.  

We also provide customized in-company training for different industries including banks, financial services, telco, FMCG, retail, manufaturing, tourism and many more industries. 

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What East African marketers say about attending the training

Hear from Daniel Koech, head of sales and marketing at Coca-Cola (Nairobi Bottlers) and Patrick from RwandAir. 

They both attended a 5-day long training with Markedu lead trainer Michael Leander. 

What you learn with Markedu marketing training in Uganda

Digital marketing foundation

Let's face it. If you don't know the foundation, which some refer to as the basics, it is going to be difficult for you to become hugely successful as a marketer - let alone a digital marketer.  That's why we teach you the foundation. 

The marketing foundation - f.ex. - involves learning about consumer behavior, digital and mobile infrastructure, how to communicate effectively, segmentation and much more. 

How to make it work - customer acquisition

Acquiring customers is an important part of any marketers job. We teach you a multitude of ways to acquire new customers. Unlike other training institutes, we incorporate both traditional marketing channels as well as modern channels. Knowing both is important to do well in Uganda. 

Social media marketing - how to make it work

Social media is an opportunity for many brands. But how do you make it work in terms of dollars and cents? Thats' what our seasoned instructors will teach you at any of our digital marketing training programs. 

Be accountable - how to do it

Your job is important. Because it is about investing your marketing dollars aiming to get a maximum return for your business. We teach you how to track your marketing spend and Return on Marketing Investment. 

Customer loyalty - how to do it

Most successful business are built on a foundation of loyal customers. You will learn how to use digital channels to improve customer loyalty and customer preference. 

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