Improve your marketing skills - get your Learning Path Plan

How to Improve Your Marketing Skills

Once you know what you need to learn to accomplish your goals, you are already one step ahead

When it comes to learning, it all starts with you. Knowing what you know, where you want to go and what you need to accomplish your short- and long term goals is crucial. 

That's why we've developed the Learning Path Plan for Growth. It is an exceptionally relevant solution to help you fully understand what you need to learn in order to grow.  See what's included

Learning Path Plan for marketing

Get your personal Learning Path Plan for Growth. See what's included here

Review of your skills + plan for learning

Personalized assessment of your skills and skill-gap

To help you understand which skills you need to master to achieve your goals, you'll complete the marketing profiency test - a personalized assessment of you, your skills, your career opportunities and your goals. 

Your own Learning Path Plan for Growth is key.

The assessment is done through a personal 1-on-1 call with a senior expert and followed up by a questionnaire specific to your situation. 

The end-result is a personalized Learning Path for Growth Plan, which will help you know where to put your learning focus for the next 3-5 years.  

This is what you get with your own personalized Learning Path Plan for Growth

  • Pinpoint the skills most crucial to succeed in your current role
  • Expert evaluation of your current skills and depth and breadth of your most important skills
  • Suggestion of the 5 most important skills you need to master
  • Benchmark your current understanding of 3 specific marketing areas critical to your career
  • A written summary outlining concrete steps you need to take to grow your skills and your career

With your own Learning Path Plan you get all this included


Understand what you need to learn to succeed short term

Through the LPP questionaire and a conversation with you, our expert will uncover which areas are most important for you to succeed short-term.  Our expert will help you prioritize your learning plan keeping your end goal in mind. 


Get your medium term and long term plan in check with your action plan

No question! You need to add value short term and long term. We'll help you create a learning and career plan that takes you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be. 


Baseline: test what you know and how well you know what you know;-)

Our marketing proficiency test will test your skills relevant to your short- and long term goals. The test is designed to uncover your current proficiency in key areas relevant to you. The result is a useful baseline from which you can start building your skills and competencies.


Expert mentoring will help you create a realistic and achievable plan

Creating your Learning Path Plan for Growth starts with a 1on1 (phone/online) conversation with a highly experienced marketing expert. Your expert will have more than 20 years of experience as a marketer, leader and influencer.


Learn to focus your skills where you can add the most value

There is nothing wrong with being a generalist. But to truly succeed in today's marcom environment, you need to focus your expertise. We'll help you understand which of your current and future skills are most likely to add the most value to you and your organization. 


Benchmark your marketing proficiency to see how you compare with others

Once or twice each year, we'll send you a benchmark, which shows how you compare to others. The benchmark ranks based on years of experience and locality.  


Unbiased recommendations

Along with your final summary, you will get a list of recommendations on what to learn, how to learn and where to learn. This list might include Markedu training recommendations, but generally aims to suggest the best training and learning options based on your locality and budget.