Work with Markedu

What you can expect

We're a small organization. Hence we expect everyone to be a selfstarter with an enormous desire to learn and grow. 

Our purpose is to Help, Inspire, Train  (HIT) people in the sphere of marketing and communication. 

Interns, learners and pros

Our team comprises a group of interns, on-the-job learners and seasoned pros. In our opinion a good mix, which allows us to navigate the market efficiently 

Global network

We work with learners from all over the world. That in itself is very rewarding and interesting. We learn new things about the world we live in every week. 

Current positions

Below are some examples of whom we're looking for right now.  But if you've got an idea, want to try out on-the-job-training or would like to talk partnership, get in touch here  

Content producer

Intern content producer can work from anywhere

If you are keen on applying your talent as a write, interviewer, content creator and campaign execution, you might be just what we're looking for. Download the job description for more information. 

Download job description