Meet Markedu Training Institute

Since 2008 we have delivered training and inspiration to over 25.000 professionals around the world. 

Some training formats developed by Markedu has taken place in 27 countries on 4 continents. 

With an average attendee satisfaction rate of 95%, we've done a pretty good job so far. The "secret" to our success is - no doubt - our team of carefully screened trainers. 

Proven and tested formats for marketing training

Markedu's training formats are tested and proven effective. Operating in many different markets, our content is always designed to fit local market conditions and behaviour. 

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5 things worth knowing about Markedu


Our purpose is to HIT

HIT stands for Help, Inspire and Train. And that is our purpose. To help people grow. To inspire people to change. And to train people in all areas relevant to creating value for themselves and/or their organization.


From Australia to Zimbabwe

Markedu has organized or co-organized training events, seminars or masterclasses on 4 continents. Our trainers and speakers are experts at accustoming to local market conditions. 


Markedu partnering philosophy

Why go alone if you can have more fun by partnering with someone. Markedu has partnered with many esteemed organizations and associations over the years. In short, we bring the content - our partner brings the audience and infrastructure. And it's worked like a charm.


Only experienced trainers walk the walk and talk the talk with 5xE

Having worked with nearly 100 speakers and trainers, we find that the best trainers and speakers are experienced  people with a practical background.
Learn about the 5E we require of our speakers and trainers. 


Proud of delivering innovative and engaging training

At Markedu we like to think of ourselves as innovative. Our approach to training is based on a high degree of engaging interaction with attendees. We've found that to be the best approach. It seems our customers agree.


Average satisfaction rate of 95%

Based on over 100 events, an average satisfaction rate of 95% is something we are very proud of. It simply means that Markedu and our trainers were able to deliver what we promised - and then some.


A certificate you can be proud of

We know that our certificates are just a piece of (quality) paper. But it is what the certificate represents for the owner that matters. It symbolizes a learning experience, which helped the "student" learn something which will add value to themselves and their organization. 


  1. Markedu has been around since 2008
  2. We were founded on an idea to deliver online training
  3. 100's of training events on location and online has been completed
  4. Buzz is irrelevant, we focus on action-oriented content
  5. Markedu events has been conducted in these languages: English, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Danish and Fa

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