Marketing trainer

The 5xE trainer philosophy

Setting the standard for exceptional trainers

Training others is a big responsibility and not as easy as one would think. 

That's why we've developed a simple formula, which we use to qualify Markedu trainers and speakers. 

We've named it 5xE and it encompasses these five requirements: experienced, entertaining, empathetic, enthusiastic with a high emotional intelligence. 

5xE and tested content formats is a winning combination

Markedu's tested content and learning formats delivered by qualified trainers is a your guarantee for an excellent learning experience. 

Below you can experience some of our current training and event concepts. If you are intersted in becoming a Markedu trainer, get in touch

Benefits of training with Markedu Institute

The 5xE trainer requirements explained



With few exceptions, we require our trainers and speakers to have at least 7 years of relevant experience. And we are very enthusiastic about people with over 20 years of experience - as long as the trainer keeps up to date with new developments



Let's face it, some trainers are exceptionally knowledgeable, but unable to get the class emotionally connected. At Markedu we cherish entertaining trainers and speakers.



 To help others it is important to understand where they are, what they know and have empathy for their situation. That is important for anyone wishing to help others. 


EQ - Emotional Intelligence

Trainers with a high EQ are best equipped to overcome the challenges and frustrations involved with training and speaking. And usually people with a healthy EQ follow-through on commitments, which obviously is super important. 



Being enthusiastic about helping others, the content and learnings presented, and the impact one's training has, is a must for any successful trainer. 

What others say about our training

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